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Quality Building Inspections makes the inspection process as efficient as possible for our clients and real estate partners. Building a new home? We also inspect new construction homes.
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Radon is a radioactive gas that comes from a natural breakdown of uranium in soil, rock, and water.

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Home Inspection Testimonials

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"It has been good getting to know you. Your wealth of knowledge has given me more confidence in my real estate decision. Thanks for your stellar performance!"
- William L.

"Dave Yost is very thorough in his work. He pays great attention to every detail and this made us feel very satisfied and in good hands. He is also very good at teaching and explaining the causes and remedies to the issues that he finds. He doesn't rush. He patiently goes about his job and answers any question you ask him. We would highly recommend his services and would definitely use him again in the future."
- Mike Tonazzini & Alicia Basurto, 4/3/2018

"I'm an agent and have worked with various quality inspectors and some that I can't even call them inspectors. Dave is definitely in the former and was very thorough. He was extremely helpful towards my clients and any questions they had. I will certainly end up using him again and would recommend him to any of my colleagues or clients."
- Mike Devine, 3/29/2017

"This year my husband and I bought our first house together which was exciting and stressful. Dave made the inspection part easy breezy. He was professional, punctual and very helpful. He was happy to answer any questions in detail with a smile on his face even after the inspection. I highly recommend Dave for anyone's home inspection needs."
- Justine, 9/10/2016

"Dave is extremely personable, knowledgeable, and takes his time inspecting every aspect of a property. He really cares about the home owners understanding the functions and components of their new home. Dave takes pictures of the property and includes pertinent ones in his report, in which he circles any areas of concern. He was able to provide us our inspection report the same day he inspected our new home. My husband and I highly recommend using Dave. You will not be disappointed!"
- Melissa & Eric, 8/14/2016

"Dave was by far the best inspector we have ever had and a true pleasure to work with! Not only was he very knowledgeable but also took the time to go above and beyond by offering tips and maintenance suggestions. He also was very good about explaining how different features of the house worked and what how to make sure things were working. I would definitely use him again!"
- Jamie, 7/11/2016

"We decided not to buy the Jasper Dr. house, and another family has since purchased it. The new owner called me a couple of weeks ago and they evidently were given a copy of our inspection report which you performed so well. I assured him he could be confident in your judgment of the house. Thank you for such good service.
We have found a lot of problems with the house we did buy and in retrospect we are sorry we did not use you again for that location. Many things either do not work or are in poor condition, and we could have negotiated the price for less than we paid. We were advised that a prior buyer had an inspection done in February and we could purchase that report, which we did. He missed so many things that we have since been made aware of that we realized again how valuable your services are. We would be happy to refer other buyers to your service if the occasion arises, or if we have future use for another home inspection.
We just wanted you to know your services were excellent and most appreciated."
- Bob and Judi Enstrom, now moving to Lindsay Court

"I highly recommend our inspector, Dave Yost, from Quality Building Inspections. Dave is very thorough and has a great attention to detail. In total, Dave inspected three difference houses during my first home buying experience.
Dave found a very expensive roofing issue (in January!) for the first house.
During the inspection for the second house, Dave found a gas leak. Then, during the inspection for the third house, Dave identified missing shingles on the second floor roof and a mold issue in the attic that was over $3000 to repair. Since Dave identified the issues, we were able to have the sellers remediate all the issues.
In every instance Dave was professional and on time. The reports were easy to read and effective to get the sellers to repair or provide a seller's credit. Dave was very patient in providing detailed information during the inspection and afterwards. Thank you, Dave!"
- Bryan D., 5/17/2016

"Dave is absolutely AMAZING! That statement sounds trivial but in a nutshell, that one liner sums up his expertise, his dedication, his caring and serious concerns for inhabitants of properties he inspects. This will be the 4th time using his services to help find me a home that can accomodate my health issues. He knows everything about construction thoughout the decades...if you hire will be not only educated but assured that the home you are buying meets expectations on all levels. Very smart, not only that, has patience of a saint. Easy to speak with and will educate the buyer of issues in sight. I'm grateful to have met Dave. Will recommend to everyone I know, especially environmentally challanged folks like me because he has a ton of experience and tools underneath his belt."
- Sean G., 4/21/2016

"Dave Yost, our inspector, from Quality Building Inspections, was fantastic, was early and prepared us for what he would be doing during the inspection. He brought us some snacks, water, and an information packet, which included a book. The book also had information on fixing and up-keep of certain areas of the house.
Interacting with Dave over the next hour and 30 minutes, we were able to understand and get an idea of what all we could/should expect if we close on the property. He was honest and upfront about the things that would need changing, but at the same time reassuring about stuff we needn't worry too much about. He was prompt with the report as well. Dave said he will get it to us by late evening or the next morning, but he sent it earlier than we had expected on the same day.
The Report contained great photos, and very detailed- specific information about what was or wasn't found. The great thing is that Quality Building Inspections offers a 90 day Limited and other warranties on their inspection at the same price as others in the area.
Dave was very thorough and provided great feedback, which made us feel better about the large purchase we are about to make. We will definitely have Dave complete our next home inspection, and would highly recommend Dave for anyone who is on the market for home inspection."
- Jeanne & Ric S., 4/2/2016

"This inspection was the most thorough inspection I have ever seen. Dave was extremely helpful, and although the house had too many problems for me to purchase, I am extremely grateful for the knowledge ahead of time. The cost of the inspection was so worth it. The cost of the repairs would have been more than 20 times the cost of this inspection!
SAVED!! Thank you so very much! "
- Elizabeth W., 10/20/2015

"We highly recommend Dave and QBI. Dave arrived early, stayed late. His thorough/professional report was prompt and extremely helpful in evaluating the property. His knowledge is extraordinary. Dave has our further respect in that if he does not know something he will say, "I do not know/am not qualified on this". You can trust Dave. In fact, we checked out several sources for an inspector and Dave was recommended by each. His reliability and reputation are wide spread. You may contact us for any questions."
- John and Christine, 10/1/2015

"We absolutely enjoyed working with Dave.
He was very thorough,informative and willing to answer any questions we could think of during our inspection. He made things clear for us to understand and was honest with us.
Thanks again, Dave! It was a pleasure working with you. "
- Marcus and Donella, 9/5/2015

"Hi Dave,
Thank you again for such a thorough inspection on my potential future home. It's reassuring to know that someone with your background and expertise reviewed every inch of the home - literally, from top to bottom - and provided me with clear and honest feedback on the state of the home.
Thanks again and I'll be sure to recommend you to anyone I may know for future home inspections!"
- Sarah Artos, 8/24/2015

"We were so impressed by Dave's inspection that we hired him again when we found a second house after our first agreement fell through. Dave did a very thorough job and took extra time to point important home maintenance tips out to us because we are first time home buyers. I felt like I had taken a class about my own house after we were done! Thanks so much Dave! We will definitely be recommending you to anyone buying a house, and plan to be repeat customers whenever we buy a home in the future."
- Mary and Matt, 07/17/2015 and 08/05/2015

"Thanks Dave!
This is an excellent report and very comprehensive. I especially like the reference photos for the sellers to look at. When I bought my last home I got and inspection done, the report wasn't nearly as detailed as this. I'd recommend you to anyone."
- Ed, 7/9/2015

"We have read the report and we were overwhelmed with the thoroughness of the report. We were pleased with the way it was conducted We appreciate the fact that you answered our questions patiently and completely. Also, thank you for what I am sure will become our homeowners "bible."
Thank you again."
- Conrad and Alicia B., 6/10/2015

"We had Dave perform a home inspection. He is very thorough and professional. He explains how things work and how to maintain in great detail. The brochure and the warranty he provides are certainly an extra benefit. The house did not go as we hoped. We found another house and had Dave come to do the inspection. Having Dave come out again speaks itself the quality of the services he brings. We highly recommend him!"
- Eric W., 4/7/2015

"Dave was a pleasure to do business with. I would recommend him to anyone in the area. He arrived several minutes prior to the inspection to inspect the outside of the home and property which which saved me some time. He walked me through the inspection process step by step and gave me good tips for maintaining the home and property. Also, he provided great reference materials to use to understand/repair the different functions of the equipment in the house. It is very important to find a good licensed home inspector and I would recommend Dave 10 out of 10 times!!"
- Phil M., 12/28/14

"Dave did a very thorough job. I would recommend to anyone. The realitor was not expecting the inspection to take nearly four hours but Dave checked everything."
- Alexander L., 2/21/2015

"As first time home buyers, we were so nervous about this day.
However, that all changed when we were greeted by Dave. He is incredibly smart, friendly and never once seemed annoyed with our endless questions and following him around like lost puppies. I can't wait to recommend him to any future home buyers. Two thumbs up, Dave!!!! "
- Emily and Chris, 4/19/15

"His web presence was functional, he was available by phone and email immediately, and he was understandable in person. So overall, I felt like I fully understood the issues with my new house and Dave made that process painless. Thanks!"
- Charlie O., 2/22/2015

"We will be using Dave again, no questions! Dave is very deliberate with his inspection; it is absolutely clear that you are his priority for the day. He took additional time to show us various defects and described their severity. The final report sets a new standard for home inspection reports.
Did I mention we would be calling Dave again? HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!"
- Justin and Liz T, 1/22/2015

"We were so pleased with Dave's inspection. He clearly explained what he was doing every step of the way! He also brought us a manual that gave tips for fixing common property issues, which was very thoughtful. The website is very easy to navigate and his prices are very reasonable compared to other inspectors in the area.
We definitely recommend using Quality Building Inspections!!"
- A & M Shadley, 12/31/2014

"I approached Quality Building Inspections to do a radon test for my home that was being sold, and had a tight time frame in which to work. I appreciated the quick turn-around they provided on the testing and results. In addition, they provided results in a way that adhered to state legal standards for reporting, and so it was easily interpretable for all parties related to the home sale. I was able to close on my house without any issue about radon concerns. They were professional with their communication and behavior, and I would not hesitate to call upon them again."
- Bill, 12/1/2014

"Inspection was very thorough and professional. Dave was very helpful answering questions and offer tips. It was a very educational experience. The report was detailed with pictures and instructions for preventative maintenance. There isn't anyone else I would go to for an inspection."

"I am thankful for Dave's professionalism, friendly demeanor, and attention to detail during my home inspection. He arrived at the home earlier than the scheduled appointment time, and was willing to adjust his work flow to accommodate my real estate agent who was unavoidably detained. He was prepared, utilized high tech instruments where needed, and was thorough, discovering several non-obvious issues. I would highly recommend Dave as a skilled home inspector!"
- Renee, 7/15/2014

"My wife and I are buying an older home "as is", so it was very helpful to tag along with Dave as he went about his inspection. He takes extra time to answer any questions you might have, point things out, and offer advice on how to correct the issues he finds. Our inspection took about 3 hours, including set up time for the radon test, but a large portion of that time was Dave explaining everything to me.
The report you get is very thorough, with pictures and notes for any issues that are found. We would not hesitate to use Dave again, or recommend him to our friends. You will not be disappointed!"
- Brad K, 06/09/14

"Dave was recommended to us by our agent and I see why! He is very friendly and approachable and will answer anything that you may have questions about in your home. He even brought candy and water for us while the inspection was being carried out. Dave was very knowledgeable on all of the appliances in our home and being that my wife and I are first time homeowners he took the time to show us all the ins and outs of our furnace and other appliances including how to maintain them. Dave is very knowledgable and friendly and I would recommend him to anyone I know needing a home inspection! Thanks Dave!"
-Jeff T, 5/5/14

"As a first time home buyer I could not have asked for a better home inspector. Dave took the time to explain everything and answered all our questions. He was extremely thorough and made sure there were no hidden problems with the house. He was nice, friendly and very professional. I also could not be more impressed with the added perks he provides you. You truly feel protected and know you are safe after using Dave Yost from Quality Home Inspections."
-B. Selby, 3/31/2014

"As first time home buyers, we did not what to expect when going into an inspection. From the moment we walked up, we were greeted with a warm welcome from Dave. Because of our lack of experience in the process, Dave started off by giving us booklet upon booklet of information. If asking questions wasn't good enough for us, we had plenty of information to guide us through. When actually going through the inspection, Dave was very verbal and attentive. His picture taking of factors that might make a difference was nice to see. If not only going through the home was enough, we knew that Dave was going to review each picture to make sure he had the correct information. What made us feel good about this experience was that we learned from it. Dave's wide range of knowledge of all industries, makes him a simple choice for your next home inspection. Thank you Dave!"
-The Klosowiak's

"As a first time home buyer, I was prepared to encounter a lot of stress as the process ran its course. I am pleased to say that when it came to the home inspection, working with Dave had the opposite effect. Dave was recommended to me by a friend, and it was evident from the outset that he was going to be extremely helpful, refreshingly honest, and that he was clearly knowledgeable. He took the time to explain and educate me during the process, which I appreciated. Even my Realtor, who encounters Inspectors regularly, was impressed with Dave's process, and said she would be sure to recommend him to others in the future.
Dave's report was extremely detailed and thorough, and easy to understand. If I had to do this all over again, I would not hesitate to use Dave again. He's a man of integrity and I'm grateful to have been able to work with him."
-Wes S.

"We are first time homebuyers and Dave was recommended to us from our friend. He was very thorough and professional. He explained everything he saw and what he was doing in a professional and easy to understand context. We felt we learned a lot from the experience and would highly recommend him to anyone!"
- Bradley J.

"Dave did a good job of inspection and was very thorough in his work. His report was also very detailed and he was able to catch and point all major issues with the property. In addition he provided info on security systems and also added all property appliances to a database which will notify us if there was a recall on any of the appliance model. He also brought in complementary snacks and water. I called him on something after almost 2 months when the inspection was carried out, and he still responded to my calls and provided info after looking up his notes and report. I will definitely recommend Dave for house inspection to all my friends who may be buying a house in future."
- DK Gohel

"We are first time homebuyers, and Dave was highly recommended to us. The inspection took 3 hours to complete, and he was very patient and professional. Dave's inspection was thorough, and even took the time to teach us about the furnace, a/c, and water heater. We highly recommend Dave, and we will definitely use him again in the future."
- Helen D.

"In October of 2013 Dave Yost, Quality Building Inspections, Inc. performed an inspection on the house I wished to purchase. Right from the first phone contact with Mr. Yost, I knew he was a gentleman. What I came to fully understand during the inspection process was his very thorough and competent ability to perform house inspections.
Mr. Yost took time to explain all of his findings and he showed me everything I needed to know to make my new home safe and secure. I am a single mother with two daughters, so this attention to detail and his ability to convey knowledge helped me to understand the workings of the new house. This has made me feel all the more confident about the future.
Additionally, Mr. Yost generously provided me with a comprehensive manual "How to Operate Your Home", provided Residential Warranty Service which will automatically contact me with any recall information, and he discussed Radon and home security systems. He even brought a snack for my children!
The final Inspection Report was provided quickly, is easy to understand and is amazingly thorough.
I will be proud to recommend Mr. Yost to my family and friends."
- Victoria Jackson

"Dave came highly recommended to us and for good reason. He was extremely professional, thorough, and warmly welcomed any and all questions (which he patiently answered, often with demonstrations). He not only did what we paid him to do, but he provided much more; he gave helpful maintenance advice and general tips as we walked through the house. After the inspection was complete, he remained actively engaged and responsive. He's answered numerous questions and made two additional visits to the house to follow up on things that couldn't be initially inspected. Dave has taken a lot of the stress out of our first-time home purchase -- we can't thank him enough. We highly recommend him!"
- Paige Corbett

"As expected, being a first time home buyer is an exciting, scary, and confusing experience. Luckily, we found Dave to do our home inspection. Not only was he extremely thorough in the inspection he was also very thorough in his report and always had time to answer any questions we had (and we had plenty). Dave was very accommodating and went above and beyond to get our tests into the lab and reports to us in a timely manner. His inspection saved us from what could have been a costly real estate deal in time to receive our earnest money back. I would highly recommend getting your perspective home inspected and highly recommend Dave Yost to do it!"
- Thanks,
Dominique and Craig

"Hello Dave, Zeno and I would like to thank you for the help and information that you gave us when inspecting the homes that we were looking to buy. You were knowledgeable and professional with us both times that you inspected the two houses. On one house, you saved us from bearing the brunt of major house repairs. For the house that we love, you did not leave out any details in what to look for to Zeno and that made him aware of every thing that needed to be done, if something came up. The house book that you gave us, has been on my reading list if any thing went wrong. Again we say thank you."
- Zeno & Sandy Weems

"Dave came highly recommended to us and for good reason. He is professional, knowledgeable and thorough. He explained everything he was doing and we had our report the same day of the inspection. In addition, he has been readily accessible and willing to field questions as they have arisen throughout the process. If we ever buy another home, we would not hesitate to enlist Dave's services again. Thanks, Dave. You're the best."
- Randy P., Wheaton, IL

"Dave showed up early to our inspection and was half done before we knew it. He got us every time he found something significant and was a total professional. I'd highly recommend Dave for a thorough inspection."
- Michael Kelland, June 29, 2013

This is to let you know that I was very impressed with the high quality of the inspection that you did of my home. You were not aware that this inspection was actually ordered by myself for my own benefit not a buyer of my home.
You did a very thorough job in all aspects of the inspection. There were several times when you had to do contortions to get the information that you needed to see, for example, that the furnace was working properly, but that never stopped you from doing the job.
Most of the corrections that you noted, especially in the electrical area have been addressed with the aid of a licensed electrician. Others are in process of being corrected.
You did a fine job and I would have no difficulty recommending you to others for home inspections. Thank you."
- Richard Zeiler, La Grange Park, Ill.

We were very pleased with the job Dave did while inspecting our new home. Our realtor kept asking, "How did you find this guy? He is VERY good." She commented on how thorough and careful a job Dave did, and we have to agree. We especially liked the quality of the report - it was very easy to read and understand, and the photographs really helped demonstrate the work that would need to be done. All in all, Dave was extremely kind, knowledgeable and helpful. We would recommend him without hesitation.
6/6/13 - E. Bass

Dave did the inspection and the Radon test to the property that we submitted an offer to purchase. He is very good, precise, cooperative, and has a wide spectrum of knowledge that makes him ready answer all the questions that one can have. I recommend him to any similar inquiries.
05/08/2013 - Mazin Fattouhi

We hired Dave of Quality Building Inspectors to do our home inspection and radon test. He was very thorough and professional. He used state-of-the-art equipment to check for such things as radon and gas leaks. The report he provided us with was easy to read and dependable. It included several suggestions and pictures to reference so that we can make the changes necessary to insure our home is a safe and healthy environment to live in.
March 2013 - Robert And Tammy

Dave did a great job with our inspection. He was early and already inspecting the house when we arrived. He did a very professional job and was very patient in answering any questions we had for him. No stone was left unturned during his inspection. Thanks Dave.
2/16/13 - Alex and Bethany

In February of 2013 we hired QBI to inspect a residence in Naperville and were really glad we did. They did a great job of communicating with the realtor and attorney throughout the process....and the inspection report was the most professional I have seen. Dave's experience with construction / mechanicals was pretty evident throughout the report. He managed to catch a couple items that I doubt any other inspector would have known about. And these were critical safety issues that needed to be addressed. Overall, I was more than pleased and will definitely use them again!
A. Power

I used Dave for my town home inspection, I had a small time frame for the inspection.
Dave was able to meet the short dead line and was very professional and detailed.
Dave was extremely thorough and took time to explain and answer all of my concerns and questions.
During the inspection Dave noticed a gas leak from the stove. The owner was very concerned and Dave took the time to fix the problem and recheck it. To the joy of all the leak was fixed. It was refreshing to find that Dave was knowledgeable to find and fix the problems. I would recommend Dave to anyone looking for a home inspection.
You will definitely get more than your money's worth and peace of mind with Dave on the job.
I would give Dave a five star rating.
MB from Orland Park, IL

People hire home inspectors for a variety of reasons, including protecting themselves prior to purchase or to educate themselves on work that needs to be done. Dave was very competent and accomplished these goals for us. We were extremely impressed with Dave's professionalism and his willingness to go out of his way to show us and teach us about the home we were purchasing. He was incredibly open to our questions and explained everything in a way that was easy to understand. The inspection and the final report were much more detail-oriented than we expected. We would recommend Dave Yost with Quality Building Inspections to anyone looking to have their home inspected.
Bill and Amanda - Glen Ellyn

My wife and I were purchasing a foreclosure home. We were tossing around the idea of using a home inspector because the inspection wouldn't have any bearing on the bank fixing the issues found and I myself am very handy around the house capable of major construction. We thought it may be a waste of money on our part. I am very glad we found Dave Yost. From the second my wife spoke to Dave we were happy with him. He understood what we were thinking and spoke to my wife for a good 30-40 minutes about what he does and what we need to look for if we do it ourselves. We called a couple other services and without question came back to Dave.

There was an issue with the selling agent not being able to have the water turned on as promised (city issue). It was told to us that there was a chance that it would be resolved around 3pm later that day. We started our day at 9am. Dave was very patient with this and actually stayed at the house to see if this issue was resolved, even though he finished his everything he could do a couple hours prior to this. This was above and beyond as far as my wife and I were concerned. We had an appraiser out at the house as well at the same time, who left and came back a different day, and there isn't anything wrong with that, given the circumstances.

The inspection was done very professionally and knowledgably. Dave allowed me to follow him while he did his inspection and encouraged and answered ANY question I had. Being handy, my questions got in the weeds. As we were going through the different rooms, he would give us tips on things we could do to clean or repair something. As an example, in the basement the previous owners had allowed some caulk used in the expansion cracks to be scrapped out. Dave told us that we will want to fill that in with a polyurethane caulk to prevent the Radon gasses from coming in. He had a deck of business cards from people he had personally seen their work and fit into his personally customer focused style and professionalism which he would reference that we could call if I didn't want or couldn't do myself.

In the end we were very happy that we had found Dave and had him do our inspection. This was money well spent out of our pocket that didn't have any bearing to the sale of the house (unless he found something disastrous and hidden where we would just not go through with the sale). I feel that I have a very good grasp of what I am going to buy and a peace of mind that everything is in good order.
Dave Claycombe, Oswego, IL.

Thank You for your prompt reply to my request for a home inspection. I do want to compliment you on the thorough job you did. And the fact that you were patient with my wife and myself in answering all of our questions regarding the home inspection.
I would be willing to pass your name onto anyone that is looking to have their home inspected. In closing if you would like to use me or this letter for referral in your business, please feel free to do so.
Cordially yours,
Ed Polk, Wheaton, IL

Dave did a wonderful job when he inspected my home. He left things clean and was very respectful. I will recommend him to others for a home inspection. Thanks for a job well done.
Dorothy Hadrava, Northlake IL

I was very happy with the Home Inspection you preformed; it was very informative and helpful.
Elizabeth Hathaway, Franklin Park, IL

I had my home inspected in May by Dave and what a blessing! Had it not been for this inspection I would not have known until much later about a sewer problem and it would have been more of a problem than it certainly was. I believe that anyone with or without a problem would benefit from an evaluation.
Lucy Johnson, Northlake, IL

We would like to thank you for doing our home inspection. You were on time, prepared and very professional. The report you created for us was easy to read and very helpful in seeing the few issues in the property.
Mr. Jimenez

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